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100x Manager is a weekly newsletter for proven frameworks, guidance and thoughts on becoming the top 1% of managers and directors. This newsletter is made for new managers and new directors working in knowledge work industries (e.g. finance, tech), and useful for people who want to better identify what the best managers look like, and how to work with them. Written by Yang Guo, who has run large product, engineering and data science teams at Opendoor, Alt and Uber, and has previously traded at Citi.

What to expect

  • Actionable advice for managers and directors to help you progress along your career path rapidly. I will help you get to the next level in two to three years when it usually would take five or more.

  • Proven frameworks to help you build your foundational belief system for management. I will provide you with the frameworks that I have used to get where I am today, and actively still use. I will also show you how to build upon your frameworks as you get more senior in your career.

  • Simple examples to illustrate how to apply the frameworks to improve your decision-making and team management. These examples will be based on my own past experiences, and I share how I dealt with these situations, mistakes I made, and learnings from them.

  • Candid, direct discussions on what the best of the best managers do and how they think. Management is notorious for having a poor feedback loop, and there are a lot of theories but not a lot of results. We are here for the results.

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